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Hanson was created in a family with a 200 year experience in the leatherwork craft in Europe, with 6 generations of a constantly evolving tradition. The family began working in Poland, and finally established in Mexico. The adventure in mexican territory began in 1937 with the first boutique in Juarez Avenue. The boutique was then better known as Montreal Fine Fur. In it, there were not only coats and leather products, but also a workshop where designs were created and produced, giving the products an artisan treatment. We are proud of being a mexican enterprise, that has been recognised as the best at leatherwork both nationally and internationally. This sentiment is extended to being able to continue with the family heritage and traditions, and to sharing the culture of our ancestors along with their knowledge.

We are delighted to be part of a lifestyle that shows the prosperity of our city and our country. Not so cold winters and openminded people have contributed to the growth of Hanson, not only as responsible leatherworkers, respectful of nature and regulations; but also as designer approach. We specially enjoy to be a part of the awakening of the society towards sustainable products. We love beauty and fur’s usefulness.

There is some magic when it comes to translating a part of nature into a garment. We love knowing that common people –and also the royalty- can have a beautiful piece of fine fur. Our visión at Hanson is to offer more people the opportunity to experiment the warmth, comfort, and luxury of natural fur. Yes, responsibly natural. We believe that if we trust in nature to cover our necessities, we will be closer to living a life in harmony with this earth. With the freedom and candor with which my grandfather smiled, and with which my father and I still smile to the glamour of leatherwork.